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( Japanese Language )
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I introduce the language of Japan a little. Of course, it is not possible to explain perfectly, because I am not a researcher of the language. I explain a general thing.

The language of Japan is called one of the difficult languages also in the world. I who is Japanese also think so. In Japanese, speaking, reading, and writing are a difficult language. Three characters that are up are basic characters like an English alphabet. Japanese has three kinds of basic characters.

And, Japanese also has some kinds of how to talk. This is very different from English. Only a person considerably well informed about the Japanese or Japanese people will understand this.

Japanese is a language that is accurately expressible of everything because the mode of expression is abundant. Therefore, it is a word that the foreigner doesn't understand easily.

I introduce an easy daily conversation to the following in that.
Please use it when you come to Japan.

( English ) ( Easy Japanese ) ( Polite Japanese )

Hello : Konnichiwa : -

Good morning : Ohayou : Ohayou Gozaimasu

Good afternoon : Konnichiwa : -

Good evning : Konbanwa : -

Good night : Oyasumi : Oyasuminasai

Good bye : Sayounara : -

Thank you : Arigatou : Arigatou Gozaimasu

Sorry : Gomennasai : Mousiwake Arimasen

Excuse me : Sumimasen : Shiturei Desuga

Yes : Hai : -

No : Iie : -
  ( English ) ( Japanese )  

  I : Watashi  

  I am : Watashi Wa  

  My : Watashi No  

  You : Anata  

  You are : Anata Wa  

  Your : Anata No  

  Lover : Koibito  

  Beautiful : Utukushii  

  Flower : Hana  

  Dream : Yume  

  Japan : Nihon  

  Name : Namae  
Easy sentences
( English ) ( Japanese )

How are you? : Ogenki Desu Ka

Yes, I am fine. : Hai Genki Desu

No, I am bad. : Iie Genki De Arimasen

I am tired. : Watashi Wa Tukarete Imasu

My name is Hiroki. : Watashi No Namae Wa Hiroki Desu

I am from Japan. : Watashi Wa Nihon Kara Kimashita

I am Japanese. : Watashi Wa Nihon Zin desu

I am 38 years old. : Watashi Wa 38 Sai Desu

Where do you live? : Anata Wa Doko Ni Sunde Imasu Ka

I live in Japan. : Watashi Wa Nihon Ni Sunde Imasu

I lived in Japan. : Watashi Wa Nihon Ni Sunde Imashita

You are beautiful. : Anata Wa Utukushii Desu

My town is beautiful. : Watashi No Mati Wa Utukushii Desu

Flower is beautiful. : Hana Wa Utukushii Desu

Nature is beautiful. : Shizen Wa Utukushii Desu

You are handsome. : Anata Wa Hansamu Desu

My lover is handsome. : Watashi No Koibito Wa Hansamu Desu

My love is cute. : Watashi No Koibito Wa Kawaii Desu

I like you. : Watashi Wa Anata Ga Suki Desu

I love you. : Watashi Wa Anata O Aishite Imasu

I like a flower. : Watashi Wa Hana Ga Suki Desu

I love a flower. : Watashi Wa Hana O Aisite Imasu
Do you understand? / Anata Wa Wakari Masu Ka

Maybe, It is difficult for you. / Tabun, Anata Niwa Muzukashii Desu

hahaha / hahaha

Do your best! / Ganbatte Kudasai

Thank you. / Arigatou Gozaimasu

Watashi Wa Anata No Shiawase wo
Nihon Kara Negatsute Orimasu.
( I am wishing your happiness from Japan. )


I am waiting for your impression and opinion.